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Live joyously, guiltlessly, live totally live intensely. And then heaven is no more metaphysical concept, it is your own experience"

Saturday, July 28, 2012

4 Ways to Stop Worrying and to Be Emotionally Fit

Peace of mind keeps us healthy. But an anxiety-free life seems too difficult to attain.

We worry about the bills, our personal relationships, and all the other grudges of daily life.  

But do you know that relaxation can be had at arms reach? Little things that have the ability to calm us are easy to obtain. So, why not incorporate them into our lives?  
Here are the four ways that can help you to ward off an anxiety attack and to stay worry-free day after day.
  1. Drink green tea. Nothing beats the emotional wellness that a cup of warm green tea brings to an otherwise dreary day. The high proportion of the amino acid, L-theanine, in green tea has a soothing effect.
  1. Reduce your caffeine intake. Soda and coffee are strong stimulants, and there is a tendency to crash after taking them. The lull after the period of caffeinated “high” can lead to depression and anxiety. Here is a hearty alternative: Granny Smith apples – they offer the same perky “high” without the burnout afterwards.
  1. Perform some deep-breathing techniques. Do a little breathing exercise a few times each day, especially during emotionally charged situations. You will end up feeling relaxed or less stressed at the end of each day. Here’s how to perform a deep-breathing exercise: close your eyes, inhale slowly through the nose, then hold for a few seconds. Then exhale to melt away the stress. Do these up to ten times, and concentrate on your breathing. It is simple, and it does wonders.
  1. Go on an aromatherapy me-time. A calming scent on your work desk or on your bedside table can uplift you when you need a boost. Light an incense stick or a scented candle. Dab a teeny drop of essential oil to calm your frayed nerves. Two of the best scent relaxers: vanilla or lavender. Amp the relaxation quotient by taking a warm bath. Then light lavender-scented candles nearby.  
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By Mike Karowski, author of ‘Perfectly Panic Free’

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